Ultimate Guide To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Nearly 75 percent of world diabetic patients are diagnosed with type2 diabetes. As you know, obesity in individuals who have a diabetesfamily history is more likely to develop type2 diabetes. Unfortunately, the modern medical science also fails to design an effective treatment. Still, some medications are available to go with for type2 diabetes, most of them are seen as a short-term regulator of type2 diabetes.

So, it’s better to switch to another apt treatment option. When you look around for a better alternative for type2 diabetes medications, lifestyle change is the primary recognized option to reverse type2 diabetes.

The lifestyle changes aggravated with the healthy diet and regular exercise are the more effective option for controlling type2 diabetes. Thus, you have to understand the two prime components first.

How to plan a diabetes diet

There is no any special food for diabetes patients. So, the diabetes diet plan aims to reduce the calorie intake and regulate your blood glucose level. Carbohydrate is the culprit behind the increased blood glucose level as they carry a lot of calories. So, you better avoid carbohydrate-rich foods in your daily diet.

These are some foods which are rich in carbohydrate.

  • Potatoes
  • White rice
  • Corn
  • Shredded Wheat
  • Barley
  • Oatmeal
  • Pasta
  • Bagels
  • White bread
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Carrot

Of course, there are some of your favorite items. Yes, by the means of a healthy life you should avoid them. Since the carbs are a source of energy; you need some of those to stay healthy. After you ignored your traditional carbohydrate-rich foods, where to get the energy source?

Surely, there are some healthy carbohydrates which can be used as an energy source at the same time employ as antioxidants.  Hence, its better you find some healthy carbohydrates from the following sources.

Fruits with low carbohydrates

  • Apricot
  • Blackberries
  • Cranberries
  • Olives green

Find more fruits with containing the scale of carbohydrates on carbohydrate chart and counter and there are some vegetables with low carbs can help you in the process. And another portion of a diabetes diet is fiber-rich food. The fiber-rich foods are safe to your heart and help in controlling your blood glucose level.

By the way, fishes are unavoidable so, add some oily fishes to your diet at least twice a week. Tuna, cod, and halibut are some example of heart-healthy fish which have low saturated fat. Despite the fact that, eating fried fish may push you in dangerousness for heart diseases. Yet, salmon and mackerel are good fishes to lower your blood fat as those have Omega 3 fatty acids.

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By now, you have understood your daily diet and there is another part of the type2 diabetes control is regular exercise. When it comes to exercise to keep your diabetes under control, whatever you do, consistent is very important. Some experts recommend at least 150minutes of exercise per week. In fact, in this swift world, you are unable to spend that much of time for exercise. When it seems little hard at the beginning do not give it up, just start slowly and build it up as a routine. Exercises are not hard as winning a marathon. Divide the time into 30 minutes per day and do it yourself as like, 15 minutes in the morning for stretching and aerobics. Another 15 minutes in lunch break/ in evening for walking. So you are above the minimum level of 150 minutes per week. Yes, you’ve burnt some fat, lost weight, built up muscle and controlled your diabetes. This should be the goal you set to maintain a long-term motivation.

Healthy Nails: 101

Before getting your nails done, you need to assess the salon you’re patronizing. Ask yourself:

  • Do the technicians wear masks?
  • Does the salon have a strong-almost-sweet pungent odor?
  • Do the products they are using have visible manufacturer’s labels?
  • Lastly, does that set of nails cost you around $20-$27?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, run, Forrest, run! These are signs that the salon is using less-than-high quality products that can potentially endanger your health.

Salon growth has mushroomed in the past 10 years. Unfortunately, the first area where many salons cut costs to stay competitive is in the products that they use. The options are slim when you are talking about acrylic nail products. Most products hover around the same price, so there wasn’t much of an option. That is when the chemical MMA came back to rear its ugly head. Products made with MMA are one-fourth of the price of products without

In the early ’70s, nail technicians used a dental acrylic also known as “Porcelain Nails” that contains MMA “Methyl Methacrylate.” It was safe to use on teeth because it was cured prior to application.

On nails, it was a different story due to the application process. MMA is made up of a small molecular structure that makes it easy to absorb into the unbroken skin. It can cause irreversible damage to the nail matrix and further absorb into the bloodstream and urine were it is stored.

Once MMA is absorbed, it can cause serious side effects–some even irreversible. The side effects are liver damage, kidney problems, depression of the central nervous system, blood disease, and permanent nail damage. These side effects are very scary.

By the mid to late ’70s, the FDA finally stepped in and put MMA on the poisonous and deleterious list of substances. Manufacturers were warned against the use of MMA. Some states actually have banned the use of MMA, hopefully, more states will follow.

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Reputable manufacturers now use EMA, which has a larger molecular structure that makes it unable to absorb into the skin. EMA works the same, but with safer results. As long as there are salons willing to purchase it, there will still be shady manufacturers that continue to formulate MMA. You as the consumer need to be aware of the dangers that could arise from getting that cheap set of nails.

Remember, getting a set of nails should not be painful or uncomfortable. It isn’t worth a health risk. Pass the word to all of the women you know that get their nails done, too. You could be saving someone’s life! You can have beautiful, safe nails for the rest of your life with no side effects or problems if you know what you’re looking for.

Tips To Get Relief From Joint Pain

Are you one of them who start their day with groans from the pains and end with the same? Joint pain is a common problem between the people and needs to get attention from us. It is, however, more common in overweight people or the ones who are old enough to have weak bones.

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Whatever be the case, here are some effective points that one should keep in mind if he is prone to joint pain.

  • In case of problems related to joint pain, the first thing that comes into mind Is about the intake of calcium. Calcium helps in strengthening the bones and keeps them supported with the joints. So, one must increase the amount of calcium intake into the diet. In a whole day, our body requires around 1000mg of calcium and the diet should be selected in such a way that it balances this need.  The less amount of calcium cause pain in the joint and prolonged shortage may also cause in the problem like arthritis.
  • Oil massages are beneficial to give you instant and may be a temporary relief if the problem is bigger than your expectation. However, the oil massages should be preferred by the expert professional in the field. What happens actually is that the massages should be done in such a way that it improves the blood circulation around the body and hence relieving from the joint pain.
  • Sometimes the pain may also arise when the joint has been left stagnant for a long time. At such time some easy exercises may be helpful such as walking, cycling and stretching that part of the body. However, the exercise should not be over the limits which may bring the effect adding to the pain again. Such simple exercises keep the blood circulation on the go and reduce the chances of inflammation which is the prime cause of pain.
  • Turmeric has been used for medical purposes for a long time and holds a worthy position in Ayurveda. Turmeric grows in India and Indonesia specifically. It is known to reduce the inflammation which is the basic cause of joint pains in the body. It has been used in India for a very long time to get relief from joint pain.
  • Overweight condition is most common and one of the most general problems that such people face apart from high cholesterol and blood pressure thing is joint pain. It happens as because there lays an extra pressure on the knees joints due to the overweight of the upper half of the body. Such people should consult for medical treatment and start exercising on a daily routine basis to lose some weight and ease the joints.
  • Also maintain a proper posture while sitting, standing and all other activities. In addition to these points, there are many home remedies for this problem as well such as using cod- liver oil and all.

However, if this problem persists for a longer period then instead of using these points, just get to a doctor for proper discretion.