Exercise for Obese People

Fat people are by definition is a person who had higher levels of body fat exceeds 30%. With the amount of fat that many in his body, individuals who are obese need as soon as possible to choose and take the time to activities that can directly burn the stored fat. Then the fat-burning activities such as what is best to be done by individual fat? According to experts, the most suitable type of exercise for obese people is cardiovascular exercise, or better known as aerobic activity.

Aerobic activity is the only sports that burn fat when the activity is conducted. But do not be limp first heard this solution because the thought of aerobic activity is following aerobic exercises to the accompaniment of music in a room or a studio full of glass. Aerobic activity is more than just gymnastics activities together. Aerobic activity includes all types of body work that uses high amounts of oxygen. Up and down stairs, swimming, cycling, walking, jogging is an aerobic activity and supports fat burning.

But this does not mean in the first step to walk, bike or on the first strokes of obese people who have directly burn fat in the body. Activities to burn fat is to be done in a certain target heart rate for a period of 45 to 60 minutes so that the fat in the body can start burning. A simple way is, and this to the attention or is recorded so that the formula you can calculate your own target pulse respectively.

Subtract age from 220 now, then multiply the results obtained with 50%. Examples for individuals aged 40 years then the calculations are as follows: 220 minus 40, and we will get the result 180. Then multiply 180 by 50% earlier, and we will get the number 90. Figure 90 is the number of heartbeats per minute that needs to be achieved for 45 to 60 minutes of exercise.

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If you are aged 40 years and included in the category have a high fat content, then you need to reach 90 heartbeats per minute for 45 to 60 minutes you exercise. That’s when your body will release fat cells in the pockets of fat as an energy source. So for the exercise, the point is to choose one sport that we like, do it for 45 to 60 minutes per workout session to reach the target heart rate, and simply start with 3 training sessions per week.

And what about weight training? Weight training for a while this is not a priority exercise for obese people. So that could be done as a secondary activity and become an additional sport in addition to the primary, aerobic exercise itself.

Remember that people who have a body fat could not burn fat if she does not do an activity that has just recommended it. Only through aerobic activity itself could begin to loose the bands of fat that had been piling up. Be patient in burning fats in the body, because even to accumulate fat also needs time. And certainly, consult and health check first to see a doctor before starting any exercise program.